Skylar in Worship My Sweaty Feet and Creamy Thighs November 26, 2016 NipplePlay, Lactating

Skylar is so cute in her adorable baby doll and her stilettoaEUR ™s, which rest on the back of her slave who acts as her stool. SheaEUR(tm), who is in training, has sore legs. They just need some massages and kisses. Naturally, the dumb says yes. She decides to make him a service slave because there’s no other person around. He has no eyes holes, which she laughs about. She then criticizes him because he just kissed her legs instead of massaging them. Skylar is ready to finger-fuck and tells her slave why he’s blindfolded. HeaEUR(tm),she doesn’t have the vision to view her Divine Pussy. Skylar vigorously works her pussy while the slave kisses her on the thighs. The slave takes her stilettoaEUR ™, and she makes Skylar worship her feet as she enjoys herself. The slave is then shown her pants and she dangles them in front of her. She places the cloth over her nose so that it covers his nostrils. Lucky dawg sniffing her smelly pants while sucking, licking, and rubbing her feet. Skylar can be a little bit twitchy and laughs at the slave while she sucks on her feet. But soon, Skylar gets lost in her sexual delight. She soon starts to have a good time, inhaling the sexual pleasures all over her face. Then she graciously places her fingers into the mouth of the slave. She giggles, and then says she’s going to be as close to her pussy as anyone.

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