My neighbor Steve Villa pushes over his grandkids to clean my garage. Instead, they have me bound up in my livingroom. The rope is so super tight, although I lost a bet when they figured this would be simple and came over to wash my garage. The 2 brats head towards my bedroom and I am pissed off. Get out from there you bad boys. One of these holds a couple of my panties up and I am appalled. What do you two think you are doing? One of you put back my panties and untie me and also the one march into my bedrooom. Rather I am held by the bastards down and gag me. Theyacute;Id wrapped my head tightly and my mouth is XXXX open with all the tighht gagging. I roll around and fight in the bondage, but they’re no where in sight. I try to loosen the knots but it is hopeless and I am becoming super angry. I glanced throughout the battle and gag madly to get loose, but not one of the ropes will loosen at all. I roll around for what seems like no sign of the boys and forever and fight. I hear a knock on the door and it opens. Standing in the doorway is severe, your boys &; grandfather looking for the two brats. He stares in shock while I grunt and plea for release.

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