Jasmine in Locked Up Forever or Made to Suffer? November 10, 2019 Sissy Skinny, FinDom

Imagine yourself at the feet Miss Raevyn or Miss Jasmine. The scene begins with them lying on their backs, talking about the many small-hearted losers that they have to deal with. The two wonder how many times they have disappointed women looking at their cocks first. They now turn their attention towards you and your tiny cock. Jasmine jokes that aEURoeGuys such as you need to be castratedaEUR. Jasmine says aEURoeAt all costs they ought to be imprisoned foreveraEUR Jasmine continues, reaching behind her to reveal a chastity gadget. Raevyn says that the unit may be small, but you’ll still feel humiliated. Although they know this would be unacceptable to a man of integrity, the ladies laugh at you and want you to feel ashamed. Jasmine tells a tale about a guy she met in DC. His chastity fell onto the floor when he raised it, and he had no choice but to pick it up right in front of all. She says that the worst thing about it was when he tried to pick it up with one of his teeth. Both of them laugh so hard. Jasmine next pulls out her stainless steel spiked-cock ring, one of her favourite toys to discipline a slave. He will feel unbearable pain if he is unable to erect himself while the ring is on him. The lady looks at you and asks, “AEURoeDo yu prefer to be in prison forever or tortured?” These ladies will get you up and running in no time. Soon you’ll be crying from pain. Jasmine puts it on your back and Raevyn begins to massage your feet. Because they are sure you’ll soon be screaming, they give you attention like you’ve never seen before. Then they lock you up, and tell you about their plans for you. My goodness. It will be on your body for five days. You will then have to decide if you want it to stay on for longer, or if you are willing to accept that you only have one option: lifelong chastity. Jasmine adds a twist and suggests castration as an alternative. Which one will you choose?

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