Eric in Seancody Eric & Fuller October 20, 2008 Twinks, Jock

Eric is no stranger to cock. He mentioned in his first video that hed had a boy at one point, but it didnt work out.This time he opened up a tiny bit more about exactly what he likes.Apparently, he favors girth over span (some thing Ive also heard from my female friends), and likes a nice, thick cock up his bum. However, as stated by him, its been about a year since hes had it.Fuller is just fucking adorable. With a large smile in his face he informed me that he likes to top”larger” guys. He got to shoot Berkes cherry and that I swear that gave him a preference for the huge dudes!After getting the shit pounded out of him Fuller, Eric actually came , the second being the more voluminous of both. He asked him if this was standard for him and he said sometimes he comes 4 or 5 occasions when he gets fucked!

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